Friday, October 17, 2008

$18.8 million marked for evaluation, measurement and verification in New York State

The North Country Gazette reports that the New York Public Service Commission has provided an additional $42.6 million for renewable energy. The article mentions specifically solar energy.

Of the $42.6 million 18.8 has been reserved for evaluation, measurement and verification and discretionary spending to respond to unforeseen market needs.

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Indian building automation market to reach $3 billion US by 2012

The ran a press release from Frost and Sullivan detailing their expectations of a 3 billion dollar Indian building automation market by 2012. M&V systems are included in their suggestions for building management solutions.

Frost & Sullivan believes that end users need to be made aware about not
just the multi-level benefits of investing in building solutions but also
about selecting right building management solutions, technologies and
products. More importantly, they need to implement measurement and
verification systems, energy metering and monitoring systems and track ROI to
enable the maximization of benefits from capital investments in building
India has always been a place to watch since I've gotten in to the business,
I wonder if any of our members in India can attest to this growth?


Nathan Shetterley

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

M&V news round up

Here are some of the interesting articles and blog posts where M&V has made the news recently.


Environmental economics 101
By admin 
Government’s role is to set the cap and ensure that sufficient measurement and verification is in place between pollution buyers and sellers, but not to stipulate technologies nor price. These models ensure that markets are always ...
Eco Buying -

Three Formal Efforts Tie Lean and Green Together
By Jason(Mark Graban) 
Measurement and verification are at the core of Lean, so this is definitely something that ties right into IBM's Green Sigma program. As an example, the company is deploying data gathering buoys andunderwater robots along 300 miles of ...
Lean Blog -

Comverge Inc. (COMV) is Meeting Demand
By jonnyk4429(qualitystocks1) 
Comverge’s services for implementing Demand Response programs include marketing, customer recruitment, measurement, and verification. These services are available as full turnkey and/or pay-for-performance offerings and are customizable ...

US Energy Efficiency projects - popular in Voluntary Carbon markets
By ghgblog 
Dr Hamrin’s, report elaborated this issue as follows, “Some of the major barriers to utilizing energy savings was the instituting of a rigorous system of energy savings evaluation, measurement andverification (EM&V) as it introduces ... - The Greenhouse Gas Blog -  (This blog is not active anymore)

Public Comment: CEP on KCC Energy Efficiency Docket 08-GIMX-441 ...
By climateandenergy 
With KCC oversight and clearly structured expectations – plus rigorous measurement andverification by KCC and CURB staff – we can create a win/win/win in Kansas. Utilities, shareholders,and customers can and should benefit, ...
Climate and energy -  (This blog is not active anymore)

California adopts long-term energy efficiency plan
The plan also did not address evaluation, measurement and verification of energy savings but said that future planning cycles would address those issues. More on this story for New Energy Finance subscribers »

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Stepping up our online presence

Hello reader, of whom I hope there will be many more soon.
We are making some important changes behind the scenes here at and I wanted to let you in on some of what we plan to do.
First of all I'd like to start by introducing myself. My name is Nathan Shetterley, I've been working on the website committee for almost 2 years. Until very recently I was leading a small consultancy based in Quebec City that specialized in M&V, monitoring and targeting, and smart metering solutions.
Among other things, starting today I will be acting as a kind of new media director here at EVO. What does that mean you ask? New Media? Basically I'll be managing and writing a lot for the blog. We are going to try and cover all things M&V, but also more general energy efficiency topics, and will touch on the green movement in business and in day to day life.
In addition to the blog we are going to be hosting a podcast, interviewing some of the smartest people in the energy sector, and hopefully some entertaining ones too.
Lastly we'll keep you updated on our going-ons here at
With weekly posts, you may want to sign up to our RSS feed (you can click on the RSS icon on the right at any time to do so), or post comments about what type of topics you'd like to see covered.
Our goal is to be the online center of M&V knowledge. We hope you'll help up and that in the process we become a great resource for everyone.
This weekend I’ll be writing about the importance of transparency in general, but specifically in energy efficiency projects. If you have any requests, feel free to write to me at or add a comment here. I’ll be working with the technical IPMVP committee closely so if you have questions that come up often let us know. Really! Anything from retrofits to policy reforms, if it touches measurement and verification let us know and we’ll do our best to find an answer!
I’ll be looking forward to getting to know all of you in the coming months!
Nathan Shetterley