Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated by Spies

From the Wall Street Journal:

So sense I was defending the utilities in the recent media fronts on how unsafe their networks are I though it only fair to relay this article that you may have seen reported on CNN today as well.

Many of the intrusions were detected not by the companies in charge of the infrastructure but by U.S. intelligence agencies, officials said. Intelligence officials worry about cyber attackers taking control of electrical facilities, a nuclear power plant or financial networks via the Internet.

Authorities investigating the intrusions have found software tools left behind that could be used to destroy infrastructure components, the senior intelligence official said. He added, "If we go to war with them, they will try to turn them on." 

I would still like to know if the affected utilities were standards compliant or not…

Nathan Shetterley (
EVO New Media Director